How to turn off Xbox DVR through the Registry Editor

How to turn off Xbox DVR through the Registry Editor If you do not have an Xbox account and are not signed into the Xbox App you can disable Xbox DVR by using the Registry Editor.
Note: This process is more advanced and is not recommended for novice users.
Open Registry Editor (Run > regedit)Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStoreSet the value of DWORD "GameDVR_Enabled" to 0Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Create key "GameDVR".Create DWORD 32bit called "AllowGameDVR" and set to 0Restart your computer.

OVERWATCH · Sombra Abilities (SFM Animation)

Sup Players! In this animation you have Sombra exploiting Roadhogs weakness after hacking him xD

This is a Overwatch Parody and intended to be Comedy

OVERWATCH · D.Va's Halloween Costume (SFM Animation)

What's up Players? In this video you have Mercy and Tracer delivering costumes to Hana on Halloween but D.Va uses her gaming skills to construct her own outfit.

This is my first SFM movie I've made in the realm of Overwatch. It was created on Halloween day 2016. Hope you enjoy.

OVERWATCH · 24 Halloween Loot Boxes

What's up Players! In this video I am unboxing 24 Overwatch Halloween
Event Loot Boxes. They will contain at least one item from our Halloween
2016 collection—including profile icons, sprays, victory poses, emotes,
highlight intros, skins, and more!

Overwatch: Junkenstein's Revenge Hard Mode Guide

Sup players!

This is a tactic I used to complete the PvE Brawl: Junkenstein's Revenge on specifically hard mode. Much of this information you should have already learned in the lower difficulties and in many cases mastered with your group before attempting in hard mode.

I can’t really emphasize this anymore than just flat out saying "Find players suited for these roles." This might be considered just a game to you but honestly forcing some random player to fulfill a precision role can be very rage inducing. Maybe invite them to the party, you know It’s very plausible to just simply look at a player’s profile and see how many hours they’ve played on a character including current skill rating. But more often times than not, the best player for the group is someone who is dedicated and won’t drop out.

I’d say the biggest mistake that can occur is when a teammate gets tilted and over extends another heroes limitation. I highly suggest learning each hero’s skill sets, so the…

OVERWATCH · Last Day Summer Games Loot Boxes


Overwatch · 24 Summer Games Loot Boxes